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Over 20,000 free templates are waiting for you in the online catalog. We know from our clients that templates for network devices significantly accelerate the creation of IT documentation. All templates can be imported with just a few clicks and can be used immediately in the network documentation. Best of all, the comprehensive catalog is already included in Pathfinder’s product scope.

The Pathfinder Catalog in detail:

Manage the Catalog

The local catalog stores all imported component definitions in your database. Learn how to manage the catalog. Learn about all the useful properties available on the templates and how to quickly find all instances of a specific template.

Import Component Definitions

Find out how to easily import new templates into your local catalog so you can start documenting in a matter of minutes.

Request Component Definitions

You require a component that is not yet available in the online catalog? Have a look how to request component definitions in a few simple steps. Our team will handle the rest and provide them for you.

Create Component Definitions

You need to make adjustments to an existing template or want to create one from scratch? Find out how to create and edit component definitions and cable definitions. Learn the secrets of the component designer and how to design ports, slots, slot roles and attach documents.

Port Types

Port types in Pathfinder are used to map cables to ports and ensure connections are correct. Find out about the port properties and how to master the port matrix.

Slot Types

Modules and Chassis are matched using slot types to ensure compatibility. Learn all you need to know about them.

Line Definitions

Installation cables in Pathfinder support multiple lines for several connections per cable. Find out how to create or edit line definitions.

Component Geometries

Geometries are used to standardize component dimensions in Pathfinder to ensure a realistic depiction and avoid inconsistencies.

Standard Qualities

Qualities are assigned to ports and cables to avoid comatibility issues.

Manufacturer and Vendor Information

There are templates for many different manufacturers in the online catalog. Find out how to edit their information.

Virtual Machine Definitions

Find out how to create easy to use templates to keep track of all your virtual machines.

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