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Cable Management

Learn in depth how to manage and create connections in Pathfinder in the Cable Management section.

Cable Management in Pathfinder in detail:

Cable Instances

Learn all about Cable Instances and Cable Instance Properties, how to keep track of all existing connections and create reports.

Add Installation Cables

Add permanent installation cables between rooms before hooking them up.

Create Installation Cable Connections

Learn how to create single or multiple installation cable connections.

Place Installation Cables (Advanced)

Find out how to create more complicated installation cable connections and work with several lines in a single cable.

Creating Patch Cable Connections
Connecting Ports (Drag and Drop)

Learn all there is to know about the most intuitive way of creating patch connections: Drag and Drop

Cable Based Connection Overview

Dive into the Cable Based Connection Overview to easily keep track of your connections.

Port Information and Cable Color

All the details about ports and colors.

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