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In the Infrastructure section in Pathfinder you can manage all locations and components documented in your network.

  • Add locations, buildings, floors and rooms.

  • Copy, replace and relocate components easily.

  • Manage virtual machines.

Pathfinder’s nested infrastructure in detail:


Use the navigation tree to easily move through your documented infrastructure.

Component Instances

Manage all component instances, perform bulk changes or create reports.


Add new locations and other infrastructure objects.

Cabinets and Racks

Learn all you need to know about cabinets and racks in Pathfinder.

Components and Modules

Find out all the details about components and modules.

Copy Components

Copy components to easily create duplicates of existing racks and chassis.

Replace Active Cabinet Components

A device is defective or you accidentally used the wrong template? Learn how to easily replace it.

Relocate Free Components

Find out how to easily move free components like racks or PCs to other rooms

Relocate Active Cabinet Components

Learn how to easily relocate active components from one cabinet to another.

Manage Virtual Machines

Easily manage all documented virtual machines.


There are lots of ways to visualize your network in Pathfinder. Learn all the tips and tricks.

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