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Components and Modules

Components in Pathfinder can be placed directly into rooms, mounted into cabinets or, in case of modules, placed into slots in other components.

There are multiple ways to create components which will be explained in detail on this page.

Placing components in rooms

To add a component to a room right click anywhere inside it and select Add Component in the context menu. Choose the desired component definitions, specify an amount and click Create to finish the process.

It is also possible to add components to rooms via drag&drop from the catalog tab in the sidebar.

Relocating free Components into Cabinets

Components can be managed with cabinets and racks in the same way as managing multiple cabinets and racks.

Select the components and cabinets you want to view and click on show selected.

This can be utilized to relocate free components into cabinets.

You need to turn on design mode to be able to move the components into the cabinet or rack.

Adding Rack Components

To add a component inside cabinets and racks directly, you can right click on the cabinet or rack and select the Place component in rack option.

Select the components from the add components window and mount it on the rack by clicking at the correct position in the cabinet. Click on create to finish placing the components.

Adding Rack Components via Drag&Drop

You can also open the catalog tab in the sidebar and simply drag&drop the components into the cabinet or rack. Click on save to finish placing the components.

You can always reorganize your cabinet and components at any time by enabling the design mode and dragging and dropping the components to rearrange them as required

Placing Modules in Components

To install a module into a slot of a component, you can right-click the slot and select Install new module or Install existing module if the module is already available e.g. in a storage room.

For more information about slots and modules, go to: Component and Slot Context Menu

Unpatching devices

Use Unpatch device… in a device’s context menu to remove all its patch connections at once. You can choose between deleting only patch cables directly connected to the device or all patch cables along the dependant network paths.

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