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Copy Components

Components and Racks can be duplicated in their entirety. This is helpful to duplicate common structures and configurations within your network.

Copying for most objects (from components to entire locations) can be done via the context menu or using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+C (copy) and Ctrl+V (paste).

Alternatively the corresponding dialog can be used to copy multiple components from one from to another. Select the Copy Components option from the infrastructure section or select the matching option from the component’s context menu.

In the Copy Components dialog, select the source and destination room and the components you want to copy.

Once you have selected the source information, destination information and components, click copy to create a duplicate of all selected components in the new location.

Note that only connections fully contained within the copied component (e.g. patches within a cabinet) will be copied. If the destination is a storage room, all cables will be removed.

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