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Quick Start

We're delighted that you've chosen to get started with Pathfinder. In this Quick Start Guide, we will give you an introduction of the user interface and some of the key functions of Pathfinder. We hope you enjoy working with Pathfinder!

First Steps

  1. With the Basics of Pathfinder you will be guided through the log in process and get a brief introduction to the Pathfinder Dashboard.

  2. Importing Component Definitions will show you how to import component templates from our vast online catalog in Pathfinder.

  3. Start recreating your locations and infrastructures in Pathfinder.

  4. Create your first cabinets and racks and populate them with components.

  5. Learn how to create permanent installation cable connections.

  6. Finally connect your first patch cables and you are ready to explore and dive deeper into the capabilities of Pathfinder!

Need help?

Send us an email: or give us a call: +49 30 81459370

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