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In the System section you will find anything you need to manage Pathfinder. Find out how to work with external tools, manage naming rules, use functional and object permissions and much more.

The System section in detail:

Mobile Devices

Manage all mobile devices connected to Pathfinder for Pathfinder Mobile.

Manage External Tools

Learn how to work with external tools in Pathfinder.

Manage Naming Rules

Find out how to create and manage naming rules for components, cables and ports.

Manage Users and Groups

Easily keep track of users and groups and their permissions.

Manage Object Permissions and Manage Functional Permissions

Use object permissions to restrict access to certain objects and functional permissions to restrict the use of certain functionalities.

Manage API Keys

Use API Keys to log into Pathfinder when using the command line or the REST API.

Command Line Interface

Learn how to operate Pathfinder using the command line interface.


Find all sorts of settings in options.


Find version and licence information in about.

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