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Manage External Tools

This pages describes the external tools integrated with Pathfinder.

Select manage external tools option from the system section.

Manage External Tools

In this window you can manage the external tools for Pathfinder.

The external tools preloaded in Pathfinder are displayed here (1).

You can create new external tools for Pathfinder, delete existing ones and migrate tools from this dialog window (2).

Double click on a tool or select it and click Next to edit the tool.

Add External Tools

To add or edit an external tool, you can fill in the following fields:

  • Name: Assign a name to your external application.

  • Path: Define the application path.

  • You can select options to use temporary file and to execute as admin.

  • Parameters: Select the mapped parameters that shall be used.

Click on Finish to complete your setup.

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