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Directory Services

This page describes how to integrate Pathfinder with external directory services.

Go to the Settings section and open the Options dialog window. Go to the Directory Settings tab and select the authentication type.

The internal directory stores user and group information in the pathfinder database and is set as default.

Configuring user directories

Admin privileges are required to configure the directory services.

You can use the following types of directory services with Pathfinder:

  • Pathfinder’s internal directory.

  • Pathfinder's internal directory + RADIUS-Authentication.

  • Microsoft Active Directory.

  • Other LDAP directory servers.

The internal directory is enabled by default at installation.

When creating the first administrator, during the setup procedure, the administrator's username and other details will be stored in the internal directory.

Auto login can also be enabled in Pathfinder corresponding to the user logged in to the computer.

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