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This page describes the most common properties of rooms in Pathfinder.

Select Add room from the floor properties or from the context menu within the sidebar navigation module.

You can fill in the fields to create properties for your rooms.

Create Room

Once the floors are created, enter one of the floors to start creating the rooms. Select add room (1) to insert a room object in the floor.

Right click on the map screen area and turn on the room limit active (2) and define the scale (3) of measurements to create components in the rooms fit to scale. To define the perimeters of a room (4) Click on the Design mode (5) or press F12 and resize the room area limit.

Right click on the room and select Background from floor from Background option to use the room perimeters from the floor as the background of that room.

  • You can also import multiple rooms at once from an AutoCAD .DWG file as the background image by importing it from the DWG background.

For more information about design mode, formatting and other visuals in Pathfinder, go to: Visualization.

Edit Room

The room properties consist of the following fields:

  • Number: Assign a number to the room.

  • Name: Name your location or infrastructure.

  • Short name: Create a short name to quickly find your location or infrastructure.

  • Description: Write a description about the building.

  • Area in m2: The area of the room in m2.

  • Administrative unit:

  • Type: Assign a function to the room like conference room, lobby or Storage Room.

  • URL:

  • External Ref no.:

  • Bookmark: Shareable bookmark link for browsers.

  • Documents: This field has an extended menu which allows adding and deleting flies and documents .

  • Permissions: Create read and Write authorization for users.

The storage room is a special room assigned to the room property from the Type field. For more information on the storage room, go to: Storage Room.

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