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SNMP MIB browser

This pages describes how to use the SNMP MIB browser in Pathfinder.

Select the MIB Browser option from the network and services section. You can also access the MIB browser from the component instance context menu under SNMP.

The MIB browser helps you manage MIB files and view their OIDs.

MIB Browser

In the MIB browser you can use different MIB files to retrieve device information from managed components.

  • You can add a MIB file from Pathfinder or load your own MIB file (1). You can also delete MIB files here.

  • Your MIB files and some relevant information will be displayed here (2).

  • You can add the IP address of the managed component here (3). You can also configure SNMP here.

  • If you already have a specific OID, you can add it here (4) to retrieve the OID information.

  • You can see information about the component retrieved using the MIBs here (5).

Click on OK to close the MIB browser.

For more information about SNMP configuration, go to: SNMP Configuration.

MIB Selection

To add a MIB file from Pathfinder into the MIB browser, select the MIB file by marking the check box and click on OK.

  • You can select one or multiple MIB files at once.

  • You can view all or filter MIB files here.

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