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Network Path Instances

Network paths in Pathfinder are physical connections between two components, potentially with multiple passive hops inbetween. They are created automatically based on the documented cables.

The instance mangement provides a detailed list of all documented network paths.

Select the Manage Network Path Instances option from the network and services section.

All network paths within a certain object can always be accessed via Search contained… in the object’s context menu.

Another option to view and manage connections in a certain context is the Connection Overview.

Network Path Instance

In this window, you can filter network paths by location, by component definition, tags and by state (2). You can also search for a specific component from within the network.

You can use naming rules to rename your network paths as well as save your filters as reports for later use (1).

There will be a list of all network paths matching the search criteria below (4). In order to group the result by a specific column, drag it to the top (3). It is possible to group by multiple columns at once.

Click the asterisk to display and select further columns when they are needed. You can edit the network path name and some other fields by clicking on that field. You can also click on the ““ icon to apply a naming rule.

You can use Shift + Mouse wheel to scroll horizontally.

Context Menu

Right clicking on any of the component instance will bring up the context menu. From the context menu you can perform the following actions:

Edit: Opens the network path window to view the network path in graphical or grid view. For more information about the network path, go to: Network Path.

Change value for column “selected column“: Select multiple instances and edit them all at once. This option is field specific and will only be available for property fields that do not require unique name values.

Print: Select multiple network paths to print them all at once.

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