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Login and User Info

After successfully installing Pathfinder there will be a Pathfinder icon on your desktop. Just double click it to start Pathfinder and you are ready to go.

On the login screen, please enter your user name and password and click OK. Pathfinder will load your settings and open the User Interface Dashboard. Initially, your password is set to “admin“ as default.

  • After logging in for the first time, please change your log in information.

  • To access your user settings, click on the dummy icon next to the user name (“Doe, John”) to open the user tab in the options menu.

  • In the user settings, you can change your user name and email address. You can enable auto log in and also set a new password.

  • Click on OK to save your settings and close the window.

  • For more information about the options menu, go to: Options.

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