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Setup and installation of PostgreSQL

This page describes how to set up a PostgreSQL database for your connection with Pathfinder.


Please install the following files:

You can find additional software, if required, here:

For detailed guide on installation of PostgreSQL on Windows please visit:

For detailed guide on installation of PostgreSQL on Linux please visit:

Note: For database connection with Pathfinder, the root user account cannot be used.

Please follow the steps below to create a database for Pathfinder without root user.

  1. Install PostgreSQL database server.

  2. Create a user for the pathfinder database, e.g. "pathfinder".

  3. Create a database. e.g. "pathfinder", and make the new user the owner.

  4. Grant ALL privileges on the created database to the new user.

  5. Set the new user as the owner of the public schema on the new database.

You can now connect to the database using the Pathfinder database connection manager.

For information, go to: Configure the Client-Database Connection

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