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Report: Room View

This pages describes how to create reports for rooms in top down view format.

There are several methods of accessing the room view report.

You can use this option to generate reports of your room contents.

Generating the report

You can access it from the context menu of any infrastructure object. This will create a report with all the components in the included rooms.

Report settings

In the report print settings, you can specify the information you want to display in your report. The dialog window provides the following options and check boxes:

  • Printer: Select printing option or save as .PDF file format.

  • Paper size: Select a paper size.

  • Orientation: Select the orientation of the paper.

  • Legend: Select between displaying legend in table or compact format or displaying no legends at all.


In the generated report, you can see the room information and the contents of the room within the room limit.

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