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Report: Line Connections

The patch connections report includes information on all installation cables connected to included ports.

Right click on a cabinet, rack or component to open the context menu.

Select line connections from the reports option.

Generating the report

Line connections represent the installation cables connected to the backside of components, such as patch panels.

You can create a line connection report for any component, cabinet or location using the reports option from the context menu.

Report settings

In the report settings, you can choose the printer, paper size and orientation.

  • You can check the boxes to hide empty columns and display inherited tags respectively.

  • You can select how the legends are displayed.

  • You can choose between displaying all ports or connected ports only.

  • Finally you can check the two boxes to display the component images and print of separate pages respectively.

Click on OK to generate your line connection report.


  • In your network report you can find the component information here (1).

  • You can find the component location here (2).

  • The front and back sides of the component are shown here (3).

  • The port connection information is displayed here (4). Here you will find the port information, line cable information and associated tags.

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