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Import from PFC Package

This page describes how to import existing infrastructure from packages.

Select Import Packages in the Import & Export section.


In the Package Wizard enter a file path and select the desired options.



Include installation cables

Installation cables will be included.

Include patch cables

Patch cables will be included.

Include ports

Port properties will be included.

Include documents

Attached documents such as floor plans will be included.

Include port documents

Documents attached to ports will be included.

Include UIDs

The UIDs of all included objects will be included.

Offline Mode

Pathfinder will not try to import component definitions from the online catalog.

Enforce download

Component definitions will be downloaded from the online catalog, even if they are included in the package

Keep files on error

Files will be kept in case of an error.

Enter the password if necessary and click Next to proceed with the import.


After the import has finished the new data will be available in a new location and can be moved to a different one via Drag&Drop.

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