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Export to PFC Package

This page describes how to export infrastructure packages from Pathfinder.

Packages can be used to import existing infrastructure to a different Pathfinder instance. If necessary they can be self-contained, so that an internet connection is not required.

Selecting the infrastructure

Enter the Navigation tree in the sidebar, right click the object you want to export and select Export in the context menu.

Any child objects will be included.


In the Package Wizard enter a file path and select the desired options.



Include installation cables

Installation cables will be included.

Include patch cables

Patch cables will be included.

Include ports

Port properties will be included.

Include documents

Attached documents such as floor plans will be included.

Include port documents

Documents attached to ports will be included.

Include UIDs

The UIDs of all included objects will be included.

Include component definitions

All needed component defintions will be included. If this option is selected the package can be imported without an internet connection

Include local component definitions

Self-made and edited component definitions will be included

Ignore unsupported patch constellations

Y-patches are not supported. If this option is selected they will be ignored

Optionally enter a password and click next. Now the Export will begin and the package will be created.

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