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Version 1.7.7

MAY 2023

  • Supports Pathfinder Client 3.9 and Pathfinder Mobile 1.4.17

  • Updated images for port rendering

Version 1.7.6

APR 2023

  • Fixed a bug in the Windows installer when upgrading from old (>1.6) versions

  • Removed duplicate entries from log

Version 1.7.5

FEB 2023

  • Supports Pathfinder Client 3.8 and Pathfinder Mobile 1.4.15 and 1.4.16

Pathfinder Mobile

  • Performance improvements for database indexing and synchronisation process


  • Support for UIDs in all entities

Active Directory

  • Speed improvements

  • Support for nested groups


  • Compression of old log files

  • Improve readability by removing scheduler entries

  • Disabled logging to system event log WINDOWS

Certificates and security

  • Harden service installation WINDOWS

  • Start Server Monitor on system startup WINDOWS

  • Clean up outdated certificate entries WINDOWS

  • extend validity of self-signed certificates to 397 days

  • Fixed SubjectAlternativeName is not saved to certificate in installer LINUX

Version 1.7

JULY 2022

Server Monitor (Windows only)

  • Support for HiDPI

 Web Interface

  • Improved environment display in dashboard (os name and version)

  • fixed metrics calculation

 Multi-Platform Support

  • Added support for the following distributions

    • Ubuntu 22.04

    • Debian 11

    • CentOS 9 stream

  • Fixed crashes in license file selection of textmode installer 


  • Fixed rendering issues for devices with free geometry

  • Support more port types for device rendering

  • Extend device preview to render both sides into one image

  • Fixed Retrieval of devices by IP-address fails in certain scenarios

  • Support filter values with leading +/-

  • Accessing the API requires a user with administrative privileges BREAKING CHANGE

Version 1.6

JULI / AUG 2021

Build-in TCP Proxy

  • Pathfinder server can provide a tunnel for Pathfinder client to access to the database server

Multi-Platform Support

  • Support for Windows and major Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat Enterprise, SuSE Enterprise)

  • New text-based wizard configuration tool for Linux, can be used from remote secure shell (ssh)

Server Monitor (Windows only)

  • Monitoring application visible in the taskbar notification area that allows quick access to Pathfinder Server service status and settings

Web Interface

  • Pathfinder Server features a web interface that includes:

    • overview of server status

    • monitor mobile database synchronization process

    • license information

    • logged in users

    • real-time logging

    • access to API documentation

Improved Certificate Handling

  • Create certificates and automatically trust them on the server (Windows)

  • Load certificates from file system or certificate store (Windows)

No external Dependencies

  • Pathfinder Server does not require prior .NET framework installation

New API Features

  • CORS support (Cross origin resource sharing)

  • Token based authentication (API token)

  • New endpoints

    • Component management (create, modify, delete, move, duplicate)

    • IPAM information (IP-addresses, networks)

    • Component/component template preview images

    • Deletion of tags that are in use

  • Unified naming of resource routes (please see API documentation) BREAKING CHANGE

  • Removed foreign keys from POST and PUT schemata (please see API documentation) BREAKING CHANGE


  • Support for Maria DB 10.6 and Oracle 19c

  • Removed dependencies to external web resources for API browser

  • Improved Active Directory support

  • Improved service registration during installation (Windows)

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