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Cable Report

This pages describes how to create reports for cables in Pathfinder.

Select cables report from the manage reports dialog window add button.

You can generate cable reports here.

Creating a report

Click on the components report option to open the create new report dialog window

Here you can define the properties of your new report by providing information the following fields:

  • Name: Assign a name to your report.

  • Description: Write a short description about the report.

  • Private: Assign whether you would like to make the report private or not.


In the manage cable instances dialog window, you can create your component report.

  • You can create a new report, manage existing reports and save current created report here (1).

  • You can filter or search for your cables here (2).

  • Your search results are displayed here (3).

  • You can drag and drop rows and columns to organize and reorder your report. You can also manage column information using the asterisk icon.

Click on OK to generate your report.

You can choose to save your report, share it or even discard it.

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