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Version 3.9.0

MAY 2023


Rack View

  • New and updated port type images have been introduced.

  • It is now possible to repatch multiple ports at once via drag&drop.

  • The loading and drawing speed of the rack view has been improved significantly.

  • Various other smaller adjustments have been made.


Storage room

  • grid: It is now possible to filter by storage room and device type.

  • grid: There is now the option to collaps/expand the entire tree in the context menu.

  • grid: The amount of devices is now displayed both per room and per type.

  • grid: User changes to the grid (e.g. column visibility) are now persistent.

  • Some other graphical adjustments have been made.


General Improvements

  • MSSQL Connection: Authentication via Integrated Security is now supported.

  • User defined fields are now available in reports.

  • FIX: The name and description of attached documents can now be changed.

  • Various other bugfixes have been made.

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