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Version 3.3.2

Resource Management

  • Pathfinder 32bit can now use 3.5 GB of storage space (previously 1.4 GB)

  • A 64-bit version is available as beta

Patching and Wiring

  • Wiring Operations

    • New connection rules for series-connected feedthrough panels / media converters / splice boxes

    • Faster performance while setting up cables with large amounts of fibers and wires

  • Patching

    • More patch rules for handling Y-cables / breakout cables

    • Passive devices (e.g. patch panels) can now be patched without installation cables. (Version 1)

    • Rework of various connection rules

  • Introduction of transmission media at Portytpen to allow better validation (e.g. when placing installation cables, patching). Media types are available as fiber optic, copper, coax and power. The transmission medium for all common port types has been set

  • Validation of the medium in patch and connection dialogs

Active Directory & LDAP Integration

  • Directory services, over 15,000 entries can now be addressed correctly

  • Rework of the user and group functionalities


  • Addition of a command line level API (e.g. in use with Windows Powershell). (Version 1)

  • Extension of Pathfinder bookmark links function to perform further operations such as:

    • pathfinder://open?type=location&id=6

    • pathfinder://search?type=location&value='<string>'

  • New window for creating a user-dependent API keys for:

    • User authentication to Pathfinder Server REST API

    • User authentication to Pathfinder Client Command Shell

Deep Copy

  • Each infrastructure element (location, building, floor, room, component) can now be copied and pasted to another (or the same) location. This creates a deep copy, i.e. all nested elements are duplicated as well. Support for standard operations like CTRL-C, CTRL-V are in progress.

High DPI

  • Pathfinder now supports monitors with higher DPI counts
    (Note: If you use multiple monitors with different DPI numbers, the values of the main screen will be used. Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to adjust the dashboard when switching between monitors. In this case, please turn off the HighDPI support)

  • Automatic detection of a HighDPI capable environment (monitors with the same display resolution)

  • New SVG icons in the main window

Swap Cables

  • Existing patch and installation cables can be exchanged for an equivalent type (identical number of cores, type, bundles). New menu available in the instance overview for cables (context menu > search included > installation cables/ patch cables).

General improvements

  • Instance dialogs: Changes entries of multiple components properties at once. Bulk operations now possible.

  • External tools: Access to user defined fields

  • Vector Graphics module: Improved rendering of PDF files

  • Various adjustments in reports, line breaks with tags & IP addresses, printing of racks, etc.

  • SNMP module: Authentication with SNMP v3 has been improved

  • Naming rule: small improvements for multiple use, new rules for cable (cable type)

Pathfinder Server

  • New platform: Debian based Linux with installation routine and deb-package

  • Extension of the REST API with new functions

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