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Use convenient Tagging

In Pathfinder, tags can be structured as required and divided into both main and subgroups. Tags can be easily assigned via drag & drop. You can also decide whether tags should be inherited along a network path. For a clearer overview, tags can also be colored in various ways.

The tag management can also be opened via the sidebar.

In our example, simply click on Administration and open the Status group. This example is to show that you can e.g. tag a status of installed devices.

Feel free to try it out. To do this, drag and drop a keyword onto a device in a rack.

It is also possible to create operating systems or databases under the main group Services.

Colors and names can be freely defined.

Of course you may also use tags in the field of telephony by creating a pool of phone numbers and assigning them to the ports.

In our example, the phone numbers were mapped to the ports of the panel of the TC system.

If you now open a network route from a connector port, for example, the phone number is displayed as a tag across all route sections.

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