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Tray Properties

Trays in Pathfinder have lots of useful properties including a summary of the included cables.


The cable tray properties consist of the following fields:

  • Name: Assign a name to the cable tray.

  • Number: Assign a number to the cable tray.

  • Description: Write a description for the tray.

  • Purchase date: Purchase date of the tray.

  • Installation date: Installation date of the tray.

  • Last maintenance: Last maintenance date of the tray.

  • Length [m]: Length of the tray.

  • Installation cable count: Number of installation cables placed in the tray.

  • Patch cable count: Number of patch cables in the tray.

  • Wire/Fiber information: A summary of used and free wires/fibers among the included cables.

  • URL: Assign a web link to the instance.

  • External ref.: Assign an external reference to the instance.

  • Bookmark: A direct link to the tray.

  • Documents: Attached files. For more detail see below.

Further Options

There is a list of all included cables on the right in the Cables tab (1). You can add new or existing cables to the tray here (2).

View the Documents tab to manage attached files (3) or the History tab to review the latest changes.

In the top right corner there is a QR code including a unique link to the tray (4).

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