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Subnets and IP Addresses

In Pathfinder you can create and manage subnets, assign IP addresses to components, visualize VLANs and much more.

Select the Manage Subnets and IP Addresses option from the network and services section.

Combine with SNMP and MIBs to monitor your network devices.

The manage subnets and IP addresses option opens the IPAM sidebar tab (1). From here you can add a new network using the + icon. You can also add a network from the context menu (2).

The context menu provides the following options:

  • Add network: Create a new network.

  • Add child subnet: Add a child subnet to the parent network.

  • Add IPv4 subnet: Add an IPv4 subnet.

  • Add IPv6 subnet: Add an IPv6 subnet.

  • Scan: Scan the selected subnet.

  • Find duplicate hostnames: Find duplicate hostnames in the selected subnet

  • Collapse: Collapse the information tree.

  • Expand: Expand he information tree.

  • Split subnet: Split the subnet into smaller subnets. This step cannot be reversed!

  • Add subnets as children: Add the selected subnet as child to another subnet.

  • Merge subnet children: Merge subnets together.

  • Merge subnets into parents: Merge child subnets into parent subnets.

  • Add group: Create a new folder for easier organization.

  • Clean IP addresses: Clear IP addresses

  • Delete: Delete a subnet.

  • Properties: Open network properties.

  • Print: Print information about the selected subnet.

You can access additional options by clicking on More (3).

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