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Pathfinder offers comprehensive tools for reporting and analysis. Create your own reports or open one of the sample reports. In addition, the port search and the history provide you with in-depth analysis options.

Please also note the description of the reports. It contains useful hints.

Sample report “Asset Management”

You want to open and edit your active assets like switches or servers in an asset management system? You will find the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. Here you can access the predefined reports. Now open the sample report "asset management" and filter e.g. by operating system or maintenance contract.

Use the "Customize" button to fine-tune the report to your specific needs and filter the data display accordingly.

You can also permanently keep your filter settings available under "Save as" or load previous filters.

If necessary, you can easily export your results to Excel or any other format.

You can also use the report view to edit one or more assets directly in the table.

Two clicks or F2 in a cell allow you to edit an asset attribute.

Alternatively, select several entries and execute Change value for column "xxx" in the context menu of the column to be edited and enter a new value for these assets for the attribute in the dialog.

Sample report “Installation Cables”

We have also prepared a sample report for you to search for installation cables, e.g. between buildings in the primary level. Simply open the report "Cable search for Backbone cabling".

The report has been configured so that you can search for primary cabling connections between the data center and the target building Biology, restricting to cable length and utilization.

Limit your search by using the filter of a column header or the "Customize" button (bottom right). Feel free to try it out.

You can extend the filter individually to further attributes as well as values.

Sample report “Free Rack Units”

You want to install a new switch or server in the server room of the data center and are looking for free height units in racks?

Then just have a look at the report Free Rack Units in Data Center.

Sample report “End devices”

Or would you like to create a list of all connected end devices in offices? Then please have a look at the report "Active end devices per building".

This sample report also returns properties such as assigned IP addresses, MAC addresses as well as installed operating systems.

To do so, click on the switch in the rack and open the report via the context menu (Reports > Patch Connections).

Of course, you can call up predefined reports from any device, such as an occupancy list for a switch.

You are welcome to try this out for our example switch SWBIO01.

Select the correct printer or PDF export to print or save the results.

As a result, you will get the port assignment of the switch with the information about the patch connections.

Feel free to try out the other predefined reports like "Network paths".

Note: All reports can also be generated on a rack or room basis.

Alternative ways: Search contained...

You would like to create a list with all installed switches for a building? For this purpose, use alternatively the function Search contained... > Components.

Pathfinder returns all installed components as query result. Via filters you can restrict e.g. to category or definitions and save the query for later use.

Feel free to try the other predefined queries for Search contained... such as Patch cables.

Note: These queries can also be run on a rack or room basis.

Port Search

You are looking for free ports on a switch? For this purpose, Pathfinder offers you the query option via "Start port search".

You can access this function via the main menu section Analysis & Reports.

Of course, you can run the queries per room or restricted to a specific device type. Simply narrow the requirements down for location, component(s) and port type and start the query.

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