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Login Screen and Settings

In order to use Pathfinder Mobile you will first have to log in.

  • You will presented with this screen when you open the Pathfinder Mobile application on your smart phone.

  • You will also find this screen from the settings option in Menu once logged in.

For name and password please provide the login credentials for Pathfinder.

The login screen or settings screen consists of fields required for logging in into the server, such as name (1), password (2) and server address (3). If your credentials are correct and connection to the server is available, the login button (4) will log you in and sync the database of your Pathfinder installation.

There are two ways to provide the server address.

  1. You can enter the IP address of the server.

  2. You can enter the name of the server.

You can also download the demo version by tapping on start demo (4) and evaluate the functionalities and possibilities of the Pathfinder Mobile application.

To cancel your current login process and return to the previous screen, tap on cancel (6).

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