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Filter is a comma-delimited list of (Name)(Operator)(Value) in string format where:

  • (Name) is the name of a property with the DTO attribute.

  • (Operator) is one of the operators (see list below).

  • (Value) is the value to use for comparing and filtering.

It's possible to concatenate many (Name)(Operator)(Value) combinations using comma as a separator (Eg:"Id>1,Name@=Test")
Comma separator means an AND operator between the combinations to be evaluated while filtering.

It's also possible to add many options for values using a pipe as a separator (Eg:"Id==1|2|3")
Pipe separator means an OR operator between the values compared to the property while filtering.

Date-time values considerations:

Valid formats:

  • YYYY/MM/DD HH:mm:ss.dddd

  • YYYY.MM.DD HH:mm:ss.dddd

  • YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss.dddd

  • MM/DD/YYYY HH:mm:ss.dddd

  • MM.DD.YYYY HH:mm:ss.dddd

  • MM-DD-YYYY HH:mm:ss.dddd

Whenever a value doesn´t have the time specified, it will be considered as 00:00:00:0000
If the same date-time is intended to be included in a range as a result, the from and to values should contain tenths of a second precision (Eg:"Date>=2020/01/01 15:00:00.000,Date<=2020/12/31 23:59:59.9999")

Operator Meaning:



Applies To


Equals to

All types


Not equal to

All types


Greater than

All types


Less than

All types


Greater than or equal to

All types


Less than or equal to

All types



All types


Starts with



Does not contain



Does not start with



Is empty



Is not empty



Is null

All types


Is not null

All types


Is null or empty

All types


Is not null or empty

All types


Case-insensitive contains



Case-insensitive starts with



Case-insensitive equals



Case-insensitive does not equal



Case-insensitive does not contain



Case-insensitive does not start with


Filtering examples




Retrieve DTOs containing Name that equals to "pc-pool" or "myname" strings comparing case-insensitive.


Retrieve DTOs having Name containing "pc" or "po" or "ol" strings comparing case-insensitive.


Retrieve DTOs which have FloorId equal to 153 and Name not containing "00" and Number starts with "0008".


Retrieve DTOs which have their Name greater than or equal to "0005" string comparison and Number less than 7 and Description contains "S" or contains "e" and Description does not start with "e" comparing case-insensitive and Id is not equal to 258.

"Modified>2013-01-01,Modified<=2013.12.31 14:13:34,Name!@=*.,Id==287|613|614"

Retrieve DTOs which have the Modified property between 2013-01-01 00:00:00.0000 and 2013-12-31 14:13:34.0000, and their Name doesn´t contain a dot ("." character) comparing case-insensitive, and Id can be equal to 287 or 613 or 614.

"Description!=00,FloorId<160,Comment! =*kELLER,Name =*20,Name@ =*8|9,ModifiedBy = =*Johny Smith"

Retrieve DTOs wich have Description property not starting with "00" and FloorId is lesser than 160 and Comment is not equal to kELLER comparing case-insensitive, and Name starts with 20 comparing case-insensitive, and Name contains "8" or "9" comparing case-insensitive and ModifiedBy is equal to "Johny Smith" comparing case-insensitive.

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