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Version 3.7.0

MAY 2020

Online Catalog

  • The import dialog has been reworked.

  • There is now a preview of the selected template (basic data, description and preview image).

  • Importing modules by slot type is now supported.


Storage Management

  • Storage Management features have been extended.

  • There is a new sidebar tab “Storage Rooms” including

    • a list of all storage rooms.

    • all components stored in each storage room.

    • the amount of components in each storage room.

    • the amount of modules built into a stored component.

    • our standard table with grouping, field selection and export (Excel etc.) for easy management.

    • editing components

  • Components can be moved into rooms and racks intuitively via drag&drop.

  • There is now an option to move components/modules into storage in their context menus.

  • Storage Rooms can be highlighted by colour in the navigation tree.


Line Overview

  • There is now a line overview in the installation cable properties.

  • All connections of a cable are displayed by fibre/wire including start and destination.

  • Adjustable table.

  • Y-connections are supported.

  • Editing single fibre/wire connections is possible via our Place cables (advanced) dialog.

  • Unused lines and fibres/wires are displayed.


Connection rules

  • New rules for media converters/multiplexers which are connected in a cascaded manner.

  • Improved support for breakout cables on MPO/MTP modules.

General Improvements

  • Microsoft ODBC-Driver v18 is now supported.

  • Work Order Module: Multiple steps can be completed/cancelled simultaneously.

  • [FIX] Floors with hundreds of room will be loaded quickly in TopView again.

  • [FIX] Numbering of rear ports.

  • [FIX] Font rendering in print views, cut off texts.

  • [FIX] Floor plan is no longer missing in print views.

  • [FIX] Numerous bug fixes and minor improvements.

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