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Version 3.6.0



Log4J Shell security vulnerability and Pathfinder

Pathfinder (client, server & mobile) does not use Java and is therefore not affected by the security issue in the Log4J library.


  • Optimization of the loading logic for background images, especially when the same drawing is called up several times

  • Optimization of speed when loading cabinets

Port types

  • Validation of the medium (glass, copper, electrical, coax) when patching and laying on. Only cables of the same medium are suggested.

  • Automatic update of all existing port types. (This requires access to the online catalog).

Connection rules

  • Improved support of MPO/MTP modules

Naming rules

  • Naming rules for components can be further restricted by device type (PC, printer, etc.)

  • Addition of short name for control elements for floors and rooms

  • Change of port numbering also possible for several panels / strips (e.g. numbering of LSA+ strips consecutively)


  • New function to scan a bar/QR code from within Pathfinder (e.g. when using a laptop / Windows tablet with camera)


  • Rooms of type data center, distribution room and warehouse are highlighted in the navigation tree

Background images

  • Rotation of background image is now adjustable for all graphic types (dwg, png etc.) under options

General improvements

  • Character length for netpath name has been increased

  • [FIX] Instance dialog for components, calculated columns can be hidden

  • [FIX] "Best Fit" in room views

  • [FIX] Patch and hangup window goes into the background

  • [FIX] Various bug fixes

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