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Version 3.5.0


Improved startup speed

  • Accelerated program startup through parallelization, avoidance of redundant queries, caching, etc.

Cabinet view

  • Faster display of the cabinets

  • [FIX] drag & drop of cabinets to change order

Cable bundle

  • First revision of the wizard for creating cable definitions - in preparation for bundle and fiber colors


  • User defined custom fields for subnets and IPs

General improvements

  • [FIX] various connection rules

  • [FIX] room boundaries are drawn last

  • Restricting access to the customer portal to administrators only

  • SQL reports can be viewed and created only by administrators

  • new group permission "Can Manage Proxy

  • update of libraries for newer databases

  • new column "Asset Category" (Major, Minor) in instance list

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