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Version 3.4.0


  • Provision of a command line level API (e.g. in use with Windows Powershell), version 2

  • Extension of the Pathfinder links to perform further actions, for example:

    • Backup and copy database

    • Import component definitions

    • Export Report to file

  • automatic registration of the protocol handler (pathfinder://) in HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead of HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT (no admin rights needed anymore)


Export / Import

  • Export of complete infrastructure area (e.g. whole building or single room) to a file (workbook)

  • Import of a file (workbook) in a second Pathfinder instance

Active Directory and LDAP Integration

  • AD-Forrest with display and change of domain in login window no longer supported

  • Migration of AD setting (PricipalName)


Patch and installation cables

  • Support for additional patch and connection constellations

  • FIX] various connection rules

General improvements

  • Documents: increase of max. file size to 32MB

  • Extension of the cable properties by capacity and usage

  • import of floor plans via Excel list possible

  • user defined fields for ports

  • Update of various third party libraries

  • [FIX] Empty forms and lists in 64Bit version

  • [FIX] Sorting of IP addresses in subnet report

  • [FIX] date field under MariaDB was displayed as number

  • [FIX] missing cable selection in Pathfinder mobile

  • [FIX] Work orders - error when replacing a device on same HE

  • several other bugfixes

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