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Video Tutorials

Hundreds of IT professionals and network teams are already using the award-winning Pathfinder Suite to document and manage their data centers and IT infrastructures. Intuitive, innovative and fast. New tutorials and walkthrough videos show how easy and time-saving IT documentation can be with Pathfinder.

Every IT documentation project starts with the infrastructure. Pathfinder visualizes locations and properties based on OpenStreetMap. You can create any building straight from the map with just a few clicks.

For creating your own network layout, over 20,000 templates from commercially well-recognized manufacturers are available for free in the online device catalog.

The Pathfinder Suite supports IT experts and network teams, especially in the area of cable management.

Create a complete network documentation using a comprehensive library of cables and network devices. Pathfinder also provides a component designer which enables you to create your own custom devices.

In the following video we demonstrate the online catalog of the Pathfinder Suite. All templates can be imported with just a few clicks and can be used immediately for the network documentation.

In IT documentation, tagging or keywording means that IT assets are tagged with additional information. Pathfinder offers a practical tag system that allows you to store important information on ports and devices.

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